Here we go for the second volume of some of Aquaman’s best comics.

Aquaman’s life has always been chaotic, but what if the one thing he knew to be true wasn’t?  Find out what happens when Aquaman’s life is turned upside down in AQUAMAN VOL. 6: MAELSTROM.

In this universe Aquaman’s parentage is a little different.  His mother, Atlanna, was the queen of Atlantis and was exploring the surface one day.  She watched as a brave lighthouse keeper, Tom Curry, saved a sinking ship only to fall in the water himself.  Atlanna rescued Curry and they fall in love. The result of this union was Arthur Curry aka Aquaman.

However, one day Atlanna left and Arthur was only told his mother had no choice.  Once he took the throne he found out she returned to Atlantis and was assassinated.

As Aquaman was fully discovering his powers and becoming a hero an exiled sea sorceress, Mera, was sent on a mission to kill the king of Atlantis.  She like Aquaman’s mom saw his courage and kindness and fell in love.

Aquaman and Mera fought adversary after adversary all while dealing with awful seaquakes.  To stop the quakes Aquaman asks two scientists to come to Atlantis and determine the cause.

When an Atlantean dies their electrical impulses are absorbed and become a part of Atlantis.  Atlantis then recognizes the next in line as ruler as long as they are Atlantean. If anyone at least not half Atlantean tries to take the throne then Atlantis will tear itself apart.  However, this is exactly what is happening.

The only way this could happen is if Aquaman’s mom, Atlanna, is still alive.  This would cause Atlantis to think an usurper has taken the throne and tear itself apart.  Aquaman rushes to his mother’s tomb to find it empty.

AQUAMAN VOL. 6: MAELSTROM was written by Jeff Parker with art by Paul Pelletier, Sean Parsons and Rain Beredo.  DC Comics published the volume in 2015.

This was an interesting comic for me.  The first half was kinda boring. The origin was explained a little and how Mera came into Aquaman’s life which is interesting.  However, the villains don’t really have much of an impact. I thought the first 75 percent of the volume ok, but the last quarter with the Atlanna story arc was really good.  It really made the volume for me.

I know coming in late to the series is not ideal, but I was never lost as to who people were.  The problem I had was villains came in and were defeated so quickly it became extremely boring.  

The volume was good and I enjoyed it, but I would really only recommend reading the last few issues about Aquaman’s mom.

It is strange to me how much I am enjoying these Aquaman comics.  I was fully expecting to be bored by the character and not know who characters were.  However, I am surprised by how interested I am in these characters and the story. After the end of the two volumes I’ve read I can’t wait to read more Aquaman.