STAR WARS: Recapping Resistance Episode 9, ‘Secrets and Holograms’


[WARNING: Article contains spoilers for Star Wars Resistance episode 9. Read on at your own risk.] Star Wars Resistance had, and still has, a lot of promise. Taking place prior to the events of The Force Awakens, Resistance follows former New Republic pilot Kazuda Xiono as he becomes a spy for the Resistance. Up until now, the Star Wars show has plodded along and has been lacking in both character and plot development. Hopefully that seems to be changing. Resistance episode 9, entitled ‘Secrets and Holograms’, may have just turned a corner.

Resistance Episode 9

Image: Disney

Episodes 7 and 8 were more “stand-alone” stories, one focusing on Yeager and his strained relationship with his superstar racing brother. Resistance episode 9, however, brings us back to the main story. Commander Pyre of the First Order returns to Colossus. His goal? Strong-arm Captain Doza into signing an agreement with the First Order. The First Order would provide “protection” from the increasingly frequent and brutal pirate attacks besieging the station. The First Order is, of course, behind the attacks in the first place. The so-called protection is nothing more than a ruse to take control of the station.

Resistance Episode 9 Makes Things Interesting

Torra Doza, desperate to escape her father’s imposed house-arrest until the First Order leaves, of course escapes. A chance encounter with Kaz is all he needs to gain access to “The Tower” where he can try to learn just what the First Order is up to. His Resistance episode 9 mission almost ends in failure as Kaz’s main enemy on the station, Rucklin, sees him in the Tower and tries to report Kaz to Captain Doza. [Side note: is it just me, or is Rucklin little more than Harry Potter’s Malfoy, in space? You can almost hear the character saying “I’ll get you for this, Potter!” But I digress….]

While in Doza’s office, Kaz finds the data pad from the First Order but runs out of time to escape. He hides in a closet before Rucklin leads Captain Doza into the office. It’s what Kaz discovers while hiding, however, that is the truly interesting aspect of Resistance Episode 9. In the closet Kaz finds an old imperial officer’s uniform.

Captain Doza, Imperial

Image: Disney

Based on the rank insignia and one data cylinder, it appears that Doza was a captain in the former Imperial Navy. Kaz can barely process that information before Torra arrives to help him escape the Tower. After a harrowing encounter in a trash incinerator, Torra asks Kaz the question: “Are you a spy?”

Kaz plays as if he’s just a pilot who left the service to become a racer. Torra lets the matter, and Kaz, go for the moment. Notwithstanding, she feels differently about Kaz. Now she’s really beginning to question who he is and why Kaz is really on Colossus. Resistance Episode 9, conversely, has us now starting to wonder about Captain Doza, and how things will play out with the First Order.

Resistance Episode 9

Image: Disney

Resistance episode 9 needed to pick up the storytelling pace and get the overall story arc on track. I think it’s done that. If episode 10, “Station Theta Black”, continues down this trend, things could get far more interesting, indeed.

Star Wars Resistance airs on the Disney Channel Sundays at 10:00 pm.