#6: Logray 

Now we all know about Ewoks. We also all know that Wicket got an action figure. But did you know that Logray got one? Logray was seen in Return Of The Jedi –  he was the Ewok leader. Logray got a little bit of screen, time but not much. Logray would be a great gift for the Star Wars kid that has everything. Check him out if you can.

#5: Dianogas

Here is another one of those characters that we only saw once yet still got its own action figure. You would remember him as the scary water monster on the Death Star that tried to kill Luke. Dianogas is one Star Wars action figure that would be quite interesting to have; keep an eye out for him.

#4:  MSE-6 aka ”Mouse Droid.”

These little guys zip all over the Death Star in the hallways and even some on the Star Destroyers. The only close up we get though is when Chewie roars at one to scare it off. Even though this little fella didn’t get much screen time, the mouse droid has nonetheless gotten its own action figure.

[And now on to our top… or bottom, three…]