WWE: Which Brand Would Better Suit Lars Sullivan?


WWE has released a new teaser for NXT’s Lars Sullivan. They’re keeping quiet on which brand he will make his debut on. While it still appears to be up in the air, let’s try to figure out which brand would suit Lars more.

RAW would be an interesting choice for “The grotesque freak” (Clearly a Vince McMahon given nickname). Although it might not be the best, considering the over saturation of the singles division at both the Intercontinental and Universal level. I would be interested in seeing a Braun Strowman/Lars Sullivan match, but I can’t think of anything beyond that I could get excited for.

SMACKDOWN LIVE, on the other hand could be a fantastic playground for Sullivan. Matches with AJ Styles, Rusev, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, and even Randy Orton could be interesting feuds to start his main roster career. The United States and Heavyweight championships scenes feel more open on Tuesdays. There’s more (or at least it feels like it to me) faces on SMACKDOWN LIVE for Sullivan to play off of. So it just feels like a more natural fit.

If the vignettes they’ve been releasing are any indication, they want to push Lars as the monster he has been on NXT. Hopefully, regardless of whatever brand he is on they can accomplish making him a new main roster star.


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