Christmas Is Back! DESTINY 2’s “The Dawning” Returns


What the heck is The Dawning?

Each Christmas, the good people at Bungie bring The Dawning to Destiny 2. This is a festive event that is a fun way to kill time and aliens and bring smiles to the NPC’s with whom you interact. The Dawning is hosted by Eva Levante, a sort of interstellar Angela Lansbury. It’s a lighthearted affair, to balance out the stress of grinding and defeating bosses. The Dawning also drops little goodies along the way, thus making your gaming just a bit more enjoyable. This Christmas, you will be baking goodies for your friends!

Do I get an Easy-Bake Oven?

In order to bake goodies for your friends, you can purchase the ingredients from Tess Everis who, let’s face it, should be investigated for price gouging. If you don’t want to overpay for the baking ingredients, you can always go with the tried and true – grind n’ find. Here are the ingredients  you need and where to find them:

  • Cabal Oil — collected from the Cabal, usually found in the EDZ, or on Io, Mars, Mercury and the Tangled Shore. Pretty easy to collect.
  • Chitin Powder — collected from the Hive, usually found on Titan, Mars, the Tangled Shore, and the Dreaming City. You need to have access to the Dreaming City first before attempting to collect there, so if you don’t have it just stick to the other spots.
  • Dark Ether Cane — this is collected from the Scorn, usually found on the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City. Fun side note, I always call the Scorn “Michael Scarn, from Threat Level Midnight”
  • Ether Cane — different from the Dark Ether Cane because, well… it’s not dark. This is collected from Fallen, found in the EDZ, on Nessus, Titan, and the Tangled Shore. It’s pretty easy to get.
  • Taken Butter — collected from Taken, usually found in the EDZ, on Io and the Dreaming City
  • Vex Milk — This just sounds gross. It’s collected from Vex, and usually found on Io, Nessus, Mars, Mercury, and the Tangled Shore

Are those all the ingredients? That sounds easy!

Well, no. You’re wrong. There’s more to collect and they have to be done in a specific manner of kill/collect. To wit:

  • Bullet Spray — get kills with automatic weapons, such as a heavy machine gun, auto rifle, submachine gun, etc
  • Delicious Explosions — this requires explosive kills, like from a grenade, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, etc
  • Electric Flavor — Arc kills with class abilities and/or weapon elements
  • Flash of Inspiration — you have to generate Orbs of Light with Masterwork weapons or supers. This is kind of a pain in the arse
  • Impossible Heat — you have to use Solar kills with class abilities or weapon element
  • Null Taste — Void kills. See above
  • Perfect Taste — precision kills on an enemy
  • Personal Touch — melee kills on an enemy
  • Sharp Flavor — sword kills on an enemy

Stir it up… little darlin’ stir it up

Ok, you have your ingredients. Now what? Well, you put them together in a specific order, then you create baked goods to deliver to your favorite NPCs! Ready? I’m not going to list which ingredients create which baked goods. You can figure that out on your own by reading the specific quests. The list is long:

  • Alkane Dragee Cookies for Sloane
  • Burnt Edge Transits for Master Rahool
  • Candy Dead Ghosts for The Spider
  • Chocolate Ship Cookies for Amanda Holliday (see what they did there?)
  • Dark Chocolate Motes for The Drifter
  • Eliksni Birdseed for Hawthorne
  • Gentleman’s Shortbread for Devrim Kay
  • Gjallardoodles for Commander Zavala (this is the first one you’ll bake)
  • Ill-Fortune Cookies for Petra Venj
  • Infinite Forest Cake for Failsafe
  • Javelin Mooncake for Ana Bray
  • Radiolarian Pudding for Asher Mir
  • Strange Cookies for Xur (gotta locate him first. Damn you Xur! *shaking fist*)
  • Telemetry Tapioca for Banshee-44
  • Traveler Donut Holes for Ikora
  • Vanilla Blades for Lord Shaxx

Johnny, tell ’em what they’ve won!


Plus, you get cool weapons, shaders, engrams (blue ones, dammit), and other stocking stuffers. Overall, The Dawning is always a fun way to enjoy Destiny 2 and the holidays as well. The only drawback to this year’s edition is that there aren’t any snowballs on the planets to throw at your enemies. It’s a small complaint, to be sure. So enjoy this year’s Dawning, and keep the yule log burning.


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