Starting with the covers, I love both of these covers.  Cover A is a great representation of what is to come in this issue.  Team Nightwing will finally have to face a real villain.  Meanwhile, cover B has nothing to do with this issue; However, it is a brilliant depiction of the Nightwing legacy, and once again would make a great poster.

The flood gates are open and the action begins.  Scarecrow has been reinventing his fear philosophy.  His new beliefs are based on Nightwing’s own fearlessness, to take away all fear so the people go crazy proving their lack of fear, but then again a gas by any other name….

The Scarecrow has struck and the city is now in mass hysteria.  Meanwhile, Ric sits at the end of his favorite bar, chatting it up with his favorite girl.  What could go wrong?  Well his girl taking out the trash for starters.  No sooner does she step outside, than she is overwhelmed by gassed psychos.

When facing 100/1 odds most people would have problems, but when you have a past like Ric, your past becomes a great crutch.  He may not feel in touch with his inner Dick Grayson, but when needed it surfaces.  The training and muscle memory of Nightwing kicks into high gear.  The 100/1 odds quickly becomes unfair…for the 100!

There are some nice exposition scenes spelling out how team Nightwing is doing as well as one explaining Scarecrows mindset, but the heart of this issue is the release of the gas upon the city.  “Hutchwing” is the first of team Nightwing to stumble across the scene and see Scarecrow.  

He is wisely told to stand down because although Team Nightwing may be trained cops and firemen, but they lack the training to face the super villains of Budhaven.

It is the final page that sets up what is to come.  All of Team Nightwing squares off against Scarecrow respirators in place.  Scarecrow knows this is not the source of his fearless inspiration, but that does not mean he cannot have fun with it.

This is not the greatest of stand alone issues, but it is a great set up for the melee that is to come.  Can Team Nightwing deal with Scarecrow?  How far in does Ric get drawn in and to what consequences?