Will We See New Footage Of STAR WARS: Episode IX This Christmas?


It’s Christmas and I’m used to seeing new Star Wars Footage

We have been spoiled over the past three Christmases. In December of 2015, we were treated to The Force Awakens. In December of 2016, we met the heroes who stole the Death Star plans in Rogue One. Last December we were treated to The Last Jedi. So where’s our new Star Wars eye candy? When will I get my fix? Will we get to see anything from Star Wars Episode IX before the New Year?

Episodie IX

According to inside sources (At least that’s what Star Wars News Net says), we may see new footage of Episode IX very soon. This will most likely be a teaser using footage that has been shot but does not require very much fine-tuning. I believe this because the rumor mill has not been churning in the manner normally associated with big new trailers. Therefore I believe the best we’ll get is a teaser, just enough to whet our collective appetites and keep us coming back for more.

So why isn’t it a trailer? Where’s my Episode IX trailer?

Where’s my burrito Star Wars trailer? Where’s my burrito Star Wars trailer?

Disney isn’t releasing anything *that* huge to the theaters this Christmas. (My apologies to those waiting to see Mary Poppins Returns with bated breath.) However, since there’s no huge Marvel movie or another significant release pending, there’s no rush to put together a proper trailer. I think this is a smart idea. I want my Episode IX trailer to be huge. Do you remember how you felt when you saw the first full trailers for The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi? How many times did you rewatch them? 

An Educated Guess

If I were a betting man, and judging by my bank account I’m not, I’d guess we will see the new footage on Christmas Day. I don’t think Disney would let the holiday pass without giving us at least something to see and discuss. Perhaps it will be waiting for us as we wake on Christmas day, like a surprise present we weren’t expecting. That seems the most logical time. Here’s hoping!

Source: Star Wars News Net

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