5 Things You Didn’t Know About WWE’s Mandy Rose


With Mandy Rose primed to get a push in 2019 we thought it was only right that we get you familiar with the ‘Golden Goddess’. 2018 was a good year for Mandy, debuting on Raw with Paige’s stable, Absolution alongside Sonya Deville, but the WWE see Rose as a breakout star. She has the mainstream appeal that Vince McMahon likes and it’s possible the boss sees her as a major crossover star.

Here are a list of thing about Mandy that you may not have know.

5. Mandy Rose was a Tough Enough Finalist, but DID NOT win the show.

Rose made it to the finals of Tough Enough in 2015 but didn’t win the show. Sara Lee would go on to win the show and the contract, but is no longer with the company.

4. Mandy Rose was replaced on Total Divas.

It seems that when it comes to reality TV Mandy can’t catch a break. Back in 2016 Rose was on Total Divas replacing Naomi. We saw her with her family and learned about her relationship with then boyfriend, Michael. In hindsight, this may have been a blessing in disguise. After being dropped from the show it gave Rose time to focus on her actual wrestling career.

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