The night is dark and full of terrors…and Scarecrow couldn’t be happier. His toxin has taken over Bludhaven’s streets and the populace is in a zombified rage. Team Nightwing has Scarecrow in a stare down, but even they know – they aren’t ready for a baddie of this caliber.

Scarecrow releases his horde and Team Nightwing is fighting for its very existence. The mob overwhelms the team, and while some would like to shoot them, reason overcomes and they only fight to immobilize.

Ric has fought his way out of the bar and now head for his car. He turns to see Team Nightwing surrounded and about to get their gooses cooked. Ric tells himself to walk away. He just needs to walk away.

He sees one of the team launch himself at Scarecrow, but Ric instantly knows it is not a good move. Shots ring out and the Nightwing goes down. Ric instantly blames himself. He should have done more. The memory of his parents’ deaths come racing back to him. He could not help them then, but he can help now.

The Hero Within

This tragedy is enough to awaken the hero within. Ric cannot turn away. Instead he goes through his cab’s trunk for some tools. Ric knows the gas of a burning tire will override the toxin, so he drives his cab through the streets with a burning tire tied to his hood.

Ric then jumps into the fight himself and helps team Nightwing rescue their downed partner. With the zombies beaten back, Ric knows he has to stop Scarecrow. If he doesn’t, no one does.

After some back and forth, Scarecrow gases Ric. There is just one thing Scarecrow didn’t count on. Ric is immune to his poison. The fight rages between Scarecrow and Ric. Ric starts to take the upper hand, but when Team Nightwing shows up, Scarecrow knows it’s over. That and Ric and a member of Team Nightwing cold cock him at the same time.

When Detective Svoboda shows up, They all stand their, acting for the first time as a team. Is Ric now gonna quit the Titans and join Team Nightwing? Sure looks that way. Donna may indeed be the permanent leader with Dick being no more.

There was not a lot of depth to this issue, but it was fast paced and did its job. The hero inside could not be denied by Ric. When disaster hits, heroes have to stand up and fight. Even Ric could not deny who he was – or used to be. I can’t wait to see where this new team goes.