VILLIANS to be ADDED to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#16 Ransik

  • Formerly a criminal mutant from the year 3000, Ransik traveled to the year 2001 to control Earth before Time Force ever existed. Because of his hatred for mankind, Ransik led a group of mutants that he stole away from Time Force captivity to join his path.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#15 Nayzor

  • A General Org that awakened Zen-Aku out of his long slumber to go against the Power Rangers.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#14 General Venjix

  • Remnants of the Machine Empire still exists years after their defeat. With General Venjix leading the Empire, Venjix’s goal was to resurrect Serpentera. His Scheme was stopped by the team of 10 previous Red Rangers in the Episode “Forever Red”.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#13 Lothor

  • As an evil space ninja master exiled by the Ninja Academy, he is the main antagonist for Ninja Storm. His Dark Ninja powers would be great to use in the game.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#12 Elsa

  • As Mesogog’s general, she fought the Dino Thunder team while disguising as their principal, Ms. Randall, at Reef Side High School.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

#11 Emperor Gruum

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