STAR WARS Says Goodbye to C-3PO


Two days ago Anthony Daniels, the man who has played C-3PO since 1977’s original Star Wars, bid his character, the role, the fans, and the series adieu.


In a poignant and touching post on Instagram, Daniels and 3PO announced that they had finished their primary filming on the as-of-yet unnamed Episode IX:

A sweet Tweet treat to complete this feat

A Long Time to Inhabit the Role

Daniels has played the role of C-3PO since the release of Star Wars (I’m not calling it A New Hope, because it wasn’t called that when I first saw it in ’77). In other words, he’s been 3PO for 42 years. That’s a long time to inhabit the role. To give you an idea of how long that’s been, here are some interesting facts. In 1977: gas cost $0.13/gallon, the average cost of a new home was $54,200, and the Dow Jones topped out at 999.

A Lot of Movies

Look at all those movies!

Daniels’ C-3PO has been in ten of the eleven official Star Wars films. The only exception was Solo: A Star Wars Story. Ten of eleven! That’s a lot of movies! He has also appeared in The Clone Wars, and many places in the Expanded Universe as well, far too many to name. All of his appearances have been memorable, and along with R2-D2 he has been as close to a constant as anything seen since ’77.

What Now?

So what will become of the character? What now? It’s hard to imagine a Star Wars universe without C-3PO. However it’s just as hard to imagine anyone other than Anthony Daniels occupying the role. Regardless of what happens going forward, Daniels’ poignant farewell to the role and series he’s been a part of for 42 years was a bit of a tear-jerker. Even though I knew it was going to happen, it never really feels “real” until it actually does. So thank you, Anthony Daniels. Goodbye C-3PO, you’ll be missed.

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