JJ’S Fan Feature: Examining Some of the Biggest Standout STAR WARS Scenes of the Franchise


Lightspeed Collision

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Like or hate The Last Jedi, I think we need to give credit where credit is due. The scene in which Holdo sacrifices herself and rams Snoke’s flagship at lightspeed was one of the most stunning scenes in Star Wars history. The imagery of that scene, coupled with the deafening silence of space, was easily, for me, the best scene of the entire film. Rian Johnson may have lost me with his treatment of Luke Skywalker, but the lightspeed collision earns my praise as one of the standout Star Wars scenes of the franchise.

So there’s my list of some standout Star Wars scenes. Thanks to Eli Velasquez for inspiring this week’s JJ’s Fan Feature. Have ideas you want to explore? Comment on Facebook or hit me up on twitter (@JJ_Goodman) and let us know!

Until next week, fanatics!  

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