STAR WARS: New Han Solo Hoth Jacket Available, and Affordable!


Missed out on your chance to own a piece of Star Wars history with the Hoth crew parka? Fear not, cold weather fans. There’s still a chance for you to keep warm during a polar vortex in rebellious style. This opportunity is much less expensive, too. Yes fans, a new, official, Han Solo Hoth jacket is now available.

Han Solo Hoth Jacket
Image: Merchoid

Late last year Columbia released a replica (albeit updated) version of the parkas that the crew and actors wore while filming the Hoth scenes for The Empire Strikes Back. Unfortunately the release was barely a tease. The run was so limited it sold out in a day. Now you can only find the parkas on eBay. Thankfully the folks at Merchoid have produced a Han Solo Hoth jacket worthy of any fan’s outerwear collection.

Han Solo Hoth Jacket Now Available tells us that this new Han Solo Hoth jacket is officially licensed and selling for $145.99. Based on the photos, the jacket appears pretty true to the original. Of course it’s not exact; the officer’s insignia/placard is replica embroidery. Similarly, the jacket is blue, differing from the original. Savvy fans will know that Harrison Ford’s screen-used jacket was actually brown. Due to the type of film and style of filming Lucasfilm used for The Empire Strikes Back, however, it appeared blue on screen.

Han Solo Hoth Jacket
Image: Merchoid

The new Han Solo Hoth jacket has lots of features to keep you warm, including a double-insulated lining, faux (Wampa? Tauntaun?) fur-lined hood, and a full-length zipper. For those interested in using the jacket for cosplay, I’m sure anyone with a 3D printer could easily replicate the officer’s placard to place over the embroidered facsimile.

Han Solo Hoth Jacket now available. (*Wookiee not included.) (Image: Lucasfilm)

If you really want to look like Han Solo, however, and have lots, and I mean lots of extra cash to spare, you can always keep an eye out for Harrison Ford’s screen-used Bespin jacket to come back on the market. Otherwise, get your Han Solo Hoth Jacket fast. This one is also available in a limited run, and sure to sell fast. You can pre-order at the Merchoid link above.


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