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EXCLUSIVE: STAR TREK: PICARD Series Update With Character Breakdowns

Information on the Picard Series is still coming out slowly. But these character breakdowns give us the clearest picture yet of what to expect.

The Picard Series: What we know so far.

CBS has been keeping details of the currently untitled “Picard” series close to the chest. Even though it’s set to premiere at the end of the year, little is known about it so far. Currently, we know the following:

-The first season will be 10 episodes.

-It will take place approximately 20 years after the TNG finale, which puts us around 2389.

-The destruction of Romulus is official Prime Timeline canon now.

-The series itself is also in the Prime Timeline, with the Kelvin Timeline running parallel to it. (As of right now, they will not intertwine.)

-Patrick Stewart is returning as Jean-Luc Picard.

With production set to begin sometime mid-April, the casting department has about two months to find the right actors to fill out the rest of the cast… and that means casting notices and character breakdowns. The breakdowns reveal the working title of the series to be “Drawing Room” and list seven lead characters in addition to Picard. While the information we have is current, it’s always worth noting that it can change at any time.

Series Leads:

The first character in the list is the main man himself, Jean-Luc Picard, Male. And that’s all we’ve got for him. From interviews and assorted other information that’s been released, we know that Picard will have been affected by the destruction of Romulus due to his close involvement with building a bond between the Romulan Empire and the Federation.

Next, we have Starton, a male of any ethnicity in his early 30s. He specializes in positronic brains and is terrified of space. He’s charming in a self-deprecating way and is excited about the research opportunities on Picard’s mission. It goes on to say that his demeanor will evolve over the series, but it does not say in what way.

Connie, a female who is also in her early 30’s. She’s African-American and has a quick temper, but is also quick to forgive. In addition to dealing with the loss of her husband, she is also avoiding a death sentence on her home planet. She’s a mercenary pilot who uses her ship to transport people to and from an artifact of some kind, though the ship is massively overqualified for that job.

Lawrence is a handsome man in his 30’s of any ethnicity. . . who has a dodgy moral compass. He’s the pilot of the ship Picard takes on his mission. Being a capable (and enthusiastic) thief, his loyalties are questionable.

An Upgraded EMH?

Dr. Smith is a male in his 30s or 40s of any ethnicity. From the description, it sounds like he’s an upgraded or wholly new version of the EMH. He’s described as a hologram who helps the crew through emergencies encompassing engineering, tactical, science investigation, and medical issues. He was programmed to learn but not become too self-aware. He’s calm, efficient, and empathic, but he sometimes has difficulties sorting out others emotional reactions to get at the facts.

K’Bar is the youngest of the leads. He’s a 17-year-old Romulan and the only child of what’s a mainly female Spiritual Order. A martial artist and considered a lethal weapon, he’s prone to mood swings and is committed to living in the moment with as much transparency as possible. He takes his devotion to Picard and his mission EXTREMELY seriously. . . obviously, they’re looking to find someone with Martial Arts experience, but also note that fencing is a plus as well.

Indira is a female in her early 20s of any Ethnicity. She’s extremely smart and physically agile . . . but maybe not so mature and a bit socially challenged because she tries too hard. Her intelligence often gets in the way of her manners. She’s cut off from home and her difficult mission puts a strain on her maturity. She’s still “finding her way in the wider world”

Alana is a female in her mid-40s to mid-50s and is of any ethnicity. She’s a brilliant analyst and has a great memory despite abusing drugs and alcohol. Often times she gets irritated with her own vulnerability and is certain of herself, even when she’s wrong. A former intelligence officer, she sees conspiracies everywhere. Her professional and personal losses weigh heavily on her.

So, What Is It About?

While learning about all of these characters is interesting in its own right, some of the descriptions also help piece together some of the show’s plot. It sounds like they will be playing into Picard’s interest in archaeology, and his main mission will revolve around some sort of artifact that’s been discovered. It’s also interesting to note that the only character that has any mention of Starfleet in their description is Starton. While Alana is a former intelligence officer, it doesn’t say for whom. So now, with all of this information, I have to ask myself if Picard is actually still in Starfleet.

I don’t know about you guys, but this sounds like its going to be a really fun show. One of my favorite TNG episodes was ‘The Chase’, which also coincidentally connects to Picard’s relationship with the Romulans, if even on a minor level. Once again, any of this information can change at a moments notice. We’ll be keeping our eye on news about the series to make sure we keep you updated as well. What do you guys think about these characters? Any theories about the plot? Let us know in the comments and make sure to keep following That Hashtag Show to stay up to date with everything trending in Geek Pop Culture.

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This must be a joke, Picard with a bunch of kids lol, he going to end up airlocking them by the second episode!

I’d watch that show. Then the episode just ends with him alone, drinking a cup of tea, Earl Grey, hot. Fade to black.

Each episode will end with him and Stanton drinking tea sitting on a couple of stone chairs looking out the airlock of the shuttle bay!

he didnt say 20 yrs after nemesis, he said 20 yrs after the tng finale which would be the all good things ep

Sounds like the usual TV Politically correct casting manual has been followed. Loved most ST but this is ultimately just one part of a cynical unoriginal idea to milk a successful franchise by a company who now have the rights to do so.

Having a cast not wholly consisting of all-white makes = “politically correct”? You do realise how ridiculous you sound, don’t you?

LOL. Did you even bother watching TNG? You know the show that starred 3 white guys, 2 white women, and 2 black guys?

Even more so, how can you be so ridiculously obtuse to not understand that Gene Roddenberry wanted Star Trek to be multi-ethnic and multi-gendered? Hello, Sulu and Uhura! And Number One!

People like you still just don’t get Star Trek. You reduce it just people flying around in space with laser guns. It’s a story about humanity evolving past the prejudices of the bast, uniting as one but respecting the differences of others and doing so with alien species. Why do you think Roddenberry had Chekov, a Russian, on the bridge and Scotty a Scotsman in Engineering? Why was a mixed-race Vulcan (half-human/half-Vulcan) on the show?

How can you not see the whole show is an analogy? Seriously, you can’t even understand what’s right in front of your face.

And, hey, did you miss the part of the show being a SOCIALIST democratic utopian society where no money is used, everyone has food, shelter, education, jobs, and the ability to pursue their passions in life?

All these years Star Trek has aired and people like you can’t even understand that it has always been about diversity and respect.

Since when have Star Trek fans insisted on all-white casts lol? Many of the series have had super diverse casts, especially for the time, and they’ve been incredible. We just want the best possible actors for every role, and it just sort of raises an eyebrow that they only once specify a race for one of their characters, and it’s African American. I’d be fine with none of them being white as long as they choose the best possible actors. That being said, all the character roles seem pretty uninteresting and run-of-the-mill so I wouldn’t expect too much regardless of who they pick.

Depending on how you define “white,” white males make up 3 to 12% of the world population, so in a future with equal opportunity, you’d expect 3 to 12% of the characters to be white men.

Not necessarily true, the third world war probably decimated much of Asia given the eastern coalition were defeated, which is why we see a much lower percentage of Asian characters mentioned than we probably would otherwise.

Good lord, Phil. Star Trek has ALWAYS been “PC,” you deluded fool. Hey w does your tiny shriveled brain even maintain your autonomic functions?

Phil, you do realise that the world, Earth that is, isn’t mostly white?? I’d like to think that by 2389 people wouldn’t give a crap what species/culture/colour the crew was. Why do you think Gene Roddenberry put a black woman, a Russian and an Asian on the bridge? Also you sound like the sort of person that will complain about any Star Trek show that isn’t in exactly the same style as, and following directly on from Voyager. No pleasing some people.

Don’t forget the pilot episode had a female first officer back when all women were still treated as second class citizens and were expected to stay at home cook for their husbands raise children and generally be dutiful wives who did as they were told by men

Phil, have you ever seen Star Trek before? Like even the 60s one… Uhura, Sulu, Chekov? Diversity has always been a huge part of what Star Trek is about.

What part of this

“The series itself is also in the Prime Timeline, with the Kelvin Timeline running parallel to it. (As of right now, they will not intertwine.)”

was unclear…?

no it’s set in the prime time line as stated in the article, the hobos star going supernova happened in the prime timeline in which spock used red matter to create a singularity to stop the wave front of the super nova explosion, in doing so both he and the narada were pulled in and sent back through time creating the kelvin timeline in the process, meanwhile back in 2389 the time line continued along for everyone else with no knowledge of the events that unfolded with the narada and spock in the past, as they think both spock’s ship and the narada were destroyed with all hands lost, this is where picard’s series takes place, 20 years after the event of startrek nemesis and 10 years after the hobos star going super nova.

If folks, even humans, are living a tad older, why is everyone except Picard basically in their 20s or 30s? A couple of fit- mentally and physically – 50 or 60 year olds would be nice. Age discrimination is the last bastion….

So Chancellor Word leads the Empire? Admiral Timer is around? By 2089 Picard and Crusher were married, where is she? If it is all the way to 2099 then we finally get to see Data as a human. That will kick ass.

Hi there. I’m gonna use this info for an upcoming news vid on my channel by I just wondering where all this info came from 🙂

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