Celebration 2019 Top Moment #3 – The Actors

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It is always nice to have the actors from the movies and TV shows present when doing Cons and events like this. Outside of Harrison Ford, they are generally happy to be there and interactive, but even Ford looked like he was having fun when he was at the Celebration 2019 for The Force Awakens. What I am talking about when it comes to the actors was their sheer awe and joy at being at something this huge. Gina Carano and Carl Weathers have been apart of big events, but they had never experienced anything like this and were in total disbelief. All of the actors who were experiencing this for the first time acted this way. Even the ones who were not new to this, though were so gracious and towards the fans. John Boyega took a small swipe at the poisonous ‘fan base’, but in the same sentence was gushing over all of the cheering and supportive fans. It was so cool to see all these stars appreciating Star Wars and its fan base at Celebration 2019.

Downer #2 – Missing actors

Or should I say actresses. You can’t expect everyone to be there, but there were two actresses I was truly hoping would be there, Kerri Russell and Katee Sackoff. I will admit the latter was a personal want because she was supposed to be at Planet Comicon in Kansas City but cancelled. She could have said some things about what to expect from Bo Katan in Clone Wars, but I think the focus was meant to be largely on Ahsoka.

Then you have Kerri Russell. She made pretty big headlines when she was announced, but since then it has been very quiet. It deepens the intrigue surrounding her character. Matt Smith has also been very quiet. Was his casting report a mistake? Or is it one of the many secrets still under wraps such as Sidious was?