Top Moment #2 – Lord Sidious!

Image result for ian mcdiarmid roll it again

To hear that infamous cackle at the end of the trailer was one thing, but then to have Ian McDiarmid walk out on stage and sneer “Roll it again” was stimulation overload. If they had left it as just the laugh it would have meant he had at least some small part in the movie, but to then have Ian walk out of the shadows onto the stage practically screams that Sidious will have a MAJOR role in the film somehow. This stood practically everything we THOUGHT we knew on its head. A truly awesome and chilling moment of the weekend.

Downer #1 – Episode I Lack of Cast

When they announced they were going to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Episode I, one would think they would pull out all the stops. 20 years is quite the landmark. Apparently not. There was not a single major cast member present at the panel. In fact, half the panel was behind the scenes folks or there would have been no one there. Why couldn’t they get the cast there? While he may not be up for it, and rightly so, I’d really like to see Jake Loyd at one of these so he could get the applause and love he so richly deserves. This panel was pretty underwhelming as it was.