Top Moment #1 – Ahmed and Kelly Are Welcomed Home

You don’t have to like Jar Jar Binks. You don’t have to like Kelly Marie Tran in her role as Rose, or even Rose herself. That does not mean the hate and torment these two have received was justified. It was so good to see that every time these two walked on stage at Celebration 2019 they received huge roaring ovations from the fans. You could tell Ahmed appreciated it and that it truly moved Kelly.

In fact as a 1b. it was an incredible feeling to see all the love and joy of the true fan base at Celebration. This is what the Star Wars fan base truly is. Sure the trolls will start trying to take over Facebook and social media from here on, but this weekend showed the true state of Star Wars and the fan base, and both are good. As our late Princess would say: Star Wars has a power that no other franchise could understand or ever have.

Of course there are other major fan bases out there, but all are insignificant next to the power of the Force!


(Celebration 2020 – Anaheim!)