Amazing Alyson Tabbitha Does Cosplay Flawless!


Wonder Woman

Alyson Tabbitha as a perfect Lara Croft

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Took this quickly right before I left to see the early showing of the new #TombRaider movie a while ago! I'll be doing a proper shoot of the full costume soon! Just gotta make more accurate boot covers! . I really love doing "simple" makeup, cause it's much harder to transform your face when you have to keep it looking "natural" so it really pushes me to study features more and learn more techniques to manipulate my face with just basic makeup! . Makeup looks like Jack Sparrow, Edward scissorhands and widowmaker, are actually easier to pull off than stuff like this, because you have more dramatic stuff to disguise your face and hide it behind! . Also I posted this pic to patreon that day over 3 weeks ago and just now publicly! lol Just yesterday I actually realized I've posted about 16 times publicly to social media since my patreon launch 2 months ago, & posted around 80 times on patreon! xD . The crazy thing is I'm not ever posting less publicly, and the quality of my content has gone up. I just have more freedom to post whatever I want, whenever I want to patreon without worrying about algorithm / reach / etc.. . A lot of people also aren't aware you can FOLLOW creators for free on there without pledging, and see all their public post! I even post more publicly on their than sm cause it's easier to keep things in 1 place! lol . Sorry if you're sick of me mentioning patreon for some reason! πŸ˜… It's getting close to the end of the month and you'd have to pledge before April to be able to see new April content + most past content so I like to let people know! It's just nice for there to be site where you can follow creators for free to see their work, but also have the option to support what they do for bonus rewards, so they can continue doing it, and do more of it! I have a lot of respect for artist and creators, cause I know how how much heart, soul, effort, time, goes into their work, and am glad a site like patreon does too! . . #angelinajoliecosplay #tombraidermovie #tombraidercosplay #laracroft #laracroftcosplay

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