More GoT Cosplay Hotter Than Dragon Fire!

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As this years Anime Expo draws in I wanted to look back to 2016 at the very first convention and cosplay I ever made. I know she’s not from and anime but it just happened to be what I was working towards when the convention came around. The first picture is when I reworked the cosplay a year later, I tried to do the look closer to her book description: she’s more youthful than depicted in the show so I aimed towards smaller features and of course the eye color. In 2016 I tried a closer resemblance to the Daenerys Emilia played in the show, I tried to make my make look a little older than I normally do, smaller eyes and a more defined nose, the eyebrows didn’t get nearly enough love but hey we all need practice somewhere and that’s the beauty of cosplay as an art form! you’re constantly improving on yourself and gaining experience through each project you set your mind to ☺️ I’m happy to say I’ll be coming back to AX this year with a secret cosplay I’ve been working on with about the crunch time as Daenerys, so very last minute but I work well under pressure so we’ll see how this goes! The character I’m portraying is AGAIN like Daenerys, not from an anime.. why am I like this? I have so many anime babes on my cosplay list and I pick the ones out of place for the expo 😅 (I also want to give credit to the photographers that took these photos so I’ll tag them after doing a bit of research) #AnimeExpo #AX2016 #ax2018

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