Star Wars Quotes

Over eleven movies, Star Wars has treated fans to some great quotes from across the franchise. We have made them into jokes, memes, inspirational wall hangings, screensavers, ugly Christmas sweaters, and—not kidding—even helped this writer pass a 10th-grade World History test! (more about that later.)

The Star Wars: Rebels and The Clone Wars series have a lot of great ones, too, but for this list, we’ll stick to my favorites from the big screen. Your list is probably different, but that’s alright. Ready? Here we go. Punch it, Chewie!

First Honorable Mention: Everything Chewbacca said, ever.

Chewbacca quote
Godspeed, Peter Mayhew. 1944-2019

For all we know, everything our beloved Wookie said was the most eloquent of anything ever written in Star Wars history. Problem is, only Han Solo and a handful of others knew what the fan-favorite fuzzball was talking about. The only thing keeping his silver-tongued orations from my list is, well, honestly I’m one of those who doesn’t know what the heck he was saying. It doesn’t matter though… we all loved him anyway.

Second Honorable Mention: The Opening Crawl of Return of the Jedi.

Episode VI Opening Crawl
photo courtesy of LucasFilm, LTD.

In 1990, I sat in Mr. Saltzgaver’s 10th-grade World History class facing a test that had a tremendous effect on what my final grade would be. The last question was about some treaty that existed between two countries that don’t exist anymore, and I had to paraphrase the terms of the treaty in essay form. Well, I gave up on the correct answer, deciding to fail as spectacularly as possible by writing as much of the Return of the Jedi opening crawl as I could remember.

Fully expecting a bright red “F” at the top of my paper, I was astonished to find I passed with a B+ and a smiley face. Whether he actually read what I wrote or just saw I had written a bunch of words, or maybe as big of a Star Wars fan as me is a mystery that no one will ever know. Bottom line: I passed. Thank you, George Lucas—and Mr. Saltzgaver.

And now, on to the list…