AEW just announced their third official wrestling event, Fight for the Fallen, will have Chris Jericho.  

The AEW website and promotional art only says he will be appearing.  However, it does not say in what capacity. Appearing does not mean wrestling.  He could very well be a special guest referee, announcer or just sitting in the crowd.  However, I would imagine he will be wrestling.

What’s Jericho Been Up To?

The last we heard of Jericho he challenged Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at Dominion earlier in the month.  However, Jericho lost the match. The last time Jericho was in an AEW ring he beat Kenny Omega.

Jericho has a wrestling history spanning decades and some of the top promotions in the world including WWE, WCW, ECW and NJPW.  He is a future WWE Hall of Famer and in my opinion a wrestler who belongs in the top 10 list of the greatest of all time wrestlers.  However, if you don’t know of the glory which is Jericho you are a stupid idiot and won’t be reading this anyway.

AEW Chris Jericho
Courtesy Of AEW

So Is He Wrestling Or Not?

It would be really cool if AEW said who Jericho would be wrestling or even better that he will be wrestling.  When they say appearing it could mean anything. This event is two weeks away and they can’t even say if Jericho will be wrestling.  They should say Jericho vs a mystery opponent and problem solved, but because they are not it scares me. I want to see him wrestle someone cool.  How about he wrestles Pentagon or Jon Moxley or someone at all.

The other matches on the card include The Young Bucks vs Cody and Dustin Rhodes, Kenny Omega vs Cima and Brandi vs Allie.  Fight for the Fallen will be held in Jacksonville, Florida, on July 13.  The event will be free to watch on BRLive which is really cool and smart of AEW to do.  It gives free awareness for their promotion. They need to create as many fans as quickly as possible if they hope to survive.

However, I will still watch Fight for the Fallen because it is the cool thing to do and I want to be cool too.


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