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SDCC 2019: Marvel Announces Spider-Verse Comic Number 1!

Now that Miles Morales has had some time to relax and take it in that he is now Spider-Man, it is time to see him in some new adventures. Well Marvel Comics has decided the time is now and Morales will find his way into the Spider-Verse for a six-issue series by Jed Mackay.


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The Spider-Verse is back

That’s right Friday during the Spider-Man panel at SDCC Marvel announced that the new web slinger Miles Morales will be spinning new adventures in the Spider-Verse. The comic will be written by Jed Mackay and he will be joined by a very talented artistic team. That team is Juan Frigeri, Art Adams, Stuart Immonen and James Harren.


Spider-Verse #1 cover

When you first look at the Spider-Verse #1 cover you see some very familiar faces… I mean masks. We get Miles Morales in what looks like an upgraded suite. You also see Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man 2099, and Peter Porker. We even get a couple of new characters on the cover as well. One of them may even be a Spider-Aunt May.


Marvel’s Release

In SPIDER-VERSE #1, out this October, Miles falls through a portal and Miles finds himself at the center of an adventure across the Multiverse that will feature a who’s who of creators and characters as the series spins forward. What other Spider-People will Miles meet? You’ll have to pick up SPIDER-VERSE #1 to find out!

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