STAR WARS: Myths & Fables Puts New Twist On Old Characters, And Some New Ones


Myths & Fables: Vader

“Vader”, from Star Wars: Myths & Legends

“The challenge for me was making known characters and alien species recognizable yet distinct from the original characters we all grew up with on the big screen. One of my favorite examples of this was creating the ‘Bogey Man’ version of Darth Vader. I loved the idea of families across the galaxy telling their kids, ‘You better keep your room clean or Vader will get you.’  It took a couple of tries to find the right balance of being on-model, yet surreal and nightmarish. The trick was keeping that iconic Vader silhouette and giving it the right amount of Tim Burton-esque twist.”

Grant Griffin

What do you think?

For anyone who loves this universe as much as we do, being given free license to play in it with your own imagination as a guide would be an artist’s dream. When asked that question, here’s what Griffin had to say:

“As a fanboy and illustrator, getting the opportunity to work on Myths & Fables was pure fun, and I hope fans enjoy the art as much as I enjoyed painting it.”

Based on this artwork, I have zero bad feelings about this. And that cover art… dragons in Star Wars?!? Heck yeah! Will you be picking up a copy? Below is a bonus image. Not clear if this is interior or back cover art, but stunning nonetheless. Let us know what you think… sound off!

Tusken Raider
“Tusken Raider”, from Star Wars: Myths & Fables


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