Marvel/Sony Split Benefits Spiderman & Film


The Keys To Successful Spiderman Future

Tom Holland as Spiderman
Tom Holland is Key to Moving Forward

How Does Sony turn this separation into a win? Start at the source. Tom Holland created the best Peter/Spidey performance of any actor so far. Sony MUST keep him on as Spiderman. Holland jokes at every interview about playing Spiderman forever, but does losing Marvel dull the role at all? It shouldn’t. Holland never signed an exclusivity contract as far as we know. Such a deal is very rare. Mouse House could play some dirty pool to keep Holland away from the Sony only franchise, but getting caught doing so would kill their reputation.

Sony MUST keep the crew together! Not only is Holland important, but so are his mates. Sadly, Happy is gone. Happy remains with the MCU, but Marisa Tomei, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon all need to return. Also, using Vulture and Mysterio stars, Keaton and Gyllenhaal would be huge pluses. If Sony keeps the core together, hope remains. If not, things do not look bright.

Keep the same tone Toby has used so far through two films, but bring in the missing Sinister Six villains as well as fellow Spider-verse characters Black Cat, Sable, And GWEN! I do not mean the Gwen they already used with Emma Stone. Bring in Spider-Gwen! Venom crossover anyone?

What If the Core Fails

The future of Spiderman depends on Holland and Co. If the core is lost, hope is lost…to a degree. Audiences are not interested in a fourth restart of the Spiderman franchise. Sony will need to get inventive if Holland bails. Their best bet may indeed be focusing on side heroes, or even borrowing a page from DC.

An older Peter mentoring a young Miles Morales might give Sony the relaunch they need. It checks the PC race box Hollywood keeps chasing, but besides that, it remains the one angle that remains fresh and untouched. Otherwise, Sony might have to mothball the web slinger for awhile, which will hurt their margins to be sure.

Sony Needs To Bloddy Disney’s Nose

Disney continues to take over franchises and companies. If fact they are the victim of the very story they bought out. A wise man once said:

“All Who gain power are afraid to lose it…He became so powerful that the only thing he was afraid of was – losing his power.”

Darth Sidious

There is no studio or franchise that can stand up to Disney. Disney now controls the release calendar for the year. They pick the dates. Everyone else moves their releases accordingly. How Disney is not considered a monopoly post Fox buyout remains a mystery. They simply own too much of the market.

In fact, losing Spiderman hurts Marvel far more than Sony at this time. Spiderman set up Phase 4 of the MCU. He remains the key earth hero in the MCU, and looked to be integral to the story moving forward. Marvel may be in a near impossible pinch in having to readjust the story moving forward without Spiderman.

If the Holland brand Spidey endures, Sony will possess the one title and universe that can actually bloody Disney’s nose. Disney will not be able to ignore Sony and Spiderman if Sony keeps things moving forwards. Of course this being a threat to Disney, expect Disney to reply in kind. Expect Disney to flex its buying power muscles. One way or another they will have Spiderman back.

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