When USA Network landed NXT earlier this week, fans had many concerns. Would Triple H still run the show? Or would Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn be more involved? The WWE Universe feared the worst for the Black and Gold Brand. However, it looks like all this worry was for nothing.

Triple H in an NXT ring
“This is the show, and we’re not gonna change it.” – George Costanza

According to a report by Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, multiple sources have confirmed that both Dunn and McMahon will be very hands off. The show will still be headed by Triple H, as it has been for years. The product won’t change, and will continue to run as it has been. The reason for the move, at least according to the sources, was done to get “more eyes on the product”.

Which, could be true. Although most feel it was done because of the announcement of All Elite Wrestling’s show on TNT. NXT has been on Wednesday nights for years. This will mark the first head to head competition WWE has seen since Impact attempted it in March of 2010. Having NXT move to two hours on the USA Network is a great opportunity for NXT superstars. Especially those who haven’t been featured as much. Being on the USA Network will give them exposure on a bigger stage.

So what do you think? Will Triple H actually have as much control as he did on the WWE Network? Or will Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon actually get more say than what is being reported? Let us know in the comments!