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Fan Expo Canada 2019: The Culture of Cosplay

Exploring the culture of cosplay and comic cons, which seem to go hand in hand.

A blending of the words costume and play, cosplay as a term was coined in Japan in 1984. Cosplay is a performance art where fans wear costumes of specific characters. Since the first World Science Fiction Convention in New York City in 1939, it has gained mainstream popularity and has been linked to fan conventions.

Cosplay has become part of the fabric of Comic Con style events. It has also grown in popularity among professional models who promote themselves on websites and appear at conventions. Consequently, amateur and professional cosplayers alike were on full display at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto this past weekend. Take a look at some of the fan created cosplay below:


By Steve Ricketts

Prefering the moniker geek to nerd, my day job is so boring I won't even tell you. Decided to start writing to give the voices in my head an audience. I have been an avid comic book fan for 30 years. Connoisseur of pop culture movies and TV including The Walking Dead, Star Wars, DCEU and the MCU. Collector of all things Star Wars and anonymous beer blogger.

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Looks like some great Cosplayers at the Fan Expo in Canada! I hope to go one day and see. Hopefully we can get more Canadian cosplayers at my local Syracuse New York Comic Con, Salt City Comic Con. They have huge Cosplay payout of over 1500.00!

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