Star Wars: Battlefront II October 2019 Timed Quests

New timed quests for Star Wars: Battlefront II coming in October

A new Community Transmission from over at DICE reveals two new unlockable rewards with two limited-time timed quests. Gamers have universally expressed gratitude for the positive changes to Star Wars: Battlefront II since it’s release over two years ago, keeping it fresh with new content and extending its replayability. Here’s what the release said:

“Back in May we had the May the Fourth event, which allowed you to unlock the Princess of Alderaan appearance for Leia Organa. We decided it was time to do another event, and this time we have both an appearance and emote up for grabs. We’ll be running both Timed Quests for a week, starting on Friday 11th October and finishing the following Friday, on the 18th.”

Dice Community Transmission for Battlefront II

Here’s what you have to do to unlock them both:

Timed Quest: “It’s Not Impossible”

Special timed quest for October 2019
Special timed quest for October 2019 in Battlefront II

Forty years ago, we got our first look at Luke Skywalker in Episode IV: A New Hope. This skin honors that time on Tattooine where he wasted his days at Toshe Station picking up power converters. To unlock this appearance, here’s your challenge…

Jump into Co-Op mode and down 150 enemies. Nice thing is the total is cumulative. you don’t have to bag all those bad guys in one session. Only catch is the tally is based on individual kills, not team. Strike down your 150 and the appearance is automatically unlocked. All you have to do is claim it!

Farmboy Luke skin in Battlefront II
Farmboy Luke skin in Battlefront II

Timed Quest: “Exact Revenge”

Special timed quest for October 2019 in Battlefront II
Special timed quest for October 2019 in Battlefront II

Everybody loves Darth Maul. Back in July, players could unlock an emote for him, simply uttering “Kenobi”. Well uttering just isn’t enough when Maul is on the scene. Battlefront II fans flooded the community boards asking for the “KENOBI!” scream. Well, now you can unleash your Dathomirian rage if you can capture the command posts on the new board of Felucia.

New Felucia battlefield on Battlefront II
New Felucia battlefield on Battlefront II

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to assist in the capture of 15 Command Posts, do so and the emote is yours. Just hop into the collection screen to claim it. Then go shout it from the rooftops on Kashyyyk!

Maul and Kenobi
Only thing that would make this better is an emote for Kenobi replying to Maul’s yell with “I’m your huckleberry.”

You’ve only got a week to unlock them so what are you waiting for, trooper? The only good clanker is a dead one!

Source: EA Games

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