Reaper Miniatures Launches New Kickstarter


If you play Dungeons And Dragons and don’t use Reaper Miniatures, you are missing out. No, but seriously, you need Reaper Miniatures for your game.

These are high-quality minis that are also affordable. And they launched their newest Kickstarter on October 1st. And it was immediately funded within 2 minutes of it launching.

Reaper’s newest Kickstarter is entitled “Reaper Miniatures Bones 5: Escape from Pizza Dungeon.” And this one is pretty amazing.

So, backers who pledged $120 will be getting all of these minis:

Repear Miniatures

With the Bones 5 option, players will receive these:

Reaper Miniatures

The Dungeon Dwellers Expansion comes with:

(There are even more offerings on the next page!)

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