Reaper Miniatures Launches New Kickstarter


You can add the Daimyo pack to your pledge for $50. The minis in this set are inspired by Japanese lore and tradition:

What’s good about Reaper Minis is that they are pretty affordable. Most of them start at just $3.49. And if you need something specific for your game, they will most likely have it.

With their “Bones” line of minis specifically, since it is made with a special material, Reaper can mass-produce pieces and sell them at an affordable price. And since they are so affordable, you can buy a mass quantity of them, and have them prepared for your party’s next adventure.

But in all honesty, these high-quality minis are going to be worth getting thanks to this Kickstarter. They all look incredibly detailed and well worth your pledge if you’re looking for minis for you’re campaign.

You still have until November 2nd to pledge to the Kickstarter if you want to get these minis. And while you’re at it, you can also check out Reaper’s website to see all of the other minis that they make and sell.

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