Star Wars: Allegiance Comic Maps Journey to Episode IX

R2-D2 displays the map to Skywalker in The Force Awakens
Star Wars: Allegiance completes the path to The Rise of Skywalker

The Star Wars comics keep on rolling. Now on stands is a new story arc called Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Allegiance. The series takes place during the time in between the end of The Last Jedi, dropping us off at the opening crawl of The Rise of Skywalker. When asked where this series fits in the scheme of the current trilogy, comic writer Ethan Sacks said this:

“There is a significant period of time between Episode VIII and Episode IX, and Journey to “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Allegiance” is a major puzzle piece that fills in those blanks.”

Ethan Sacks, in an interview with Newsarama

We could use some filling in. Want to find out what The First Order and The Resistance have been up to between the films? Excellent, glad you asked… punch it, Chewie!

The Millenium Falcon - Episode IX
Punch it, Chewie!

Preview of Star Wars: Allegiance – Issue #1 “An Old Hope”

“Hounded by the First Order across the galaxy, the Resistance is in dire need of ships, weapons and recruits to make a final stand against Kylo Ren’s forces. Desperation drives a delegation led by General Leia Organa and Rey to entreat the Rebel veteran’s one-time allies, the Mon Calamari, to join the fight — but decades after Imperial occupation enslaved their planet, there are those willing to stop at nothing to prevent another war from bloodying the waters of Mon Cala. A system away, Poe Dameron and Finn have their own mission: to hunt down a weapons cache on the remote moon of Avedot, unaware that they are being hunted by the most notorious criminal gang in the galaxy.

Check out the first few pages below. The series starts with the mid-rim planet of Tah’Nuhna getting wiped off the map by the First Order. An ally to the Resistance is an enemy of the First Order apparently. Just because they assisted the Resistance after their escape from Crait, they are rewarded with annihilation.

Star Wars: Allegiance, page 9 - Courtesy of Marvel Comics
Star Wars: Allegiance, page 9 – Courtesy of Marvel Comics
Star Wars: Allegiance, page 10 - Courtesy of Marvel Comics
Star Wars: Allegiance, page 10 – Courtesy of Marvel Comics

(Check out a preview of Issue #2 on the next page!)

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