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Mark Ruffalo, Alison Brie Stir Up She-Hulk Rumor Mill

Casting rumors have been buzzing around Disney+ She-Hulk this week.

The last couple weeks have seen the Internet swirling with rumors about the Disney+ Marvel series, She-Hulk. One of those circling rumors was that Mark Ruffalo, who played Bruce Banner aka Hulk, would reprise his role. reports that Ruffalo himself confirmed at C2E2 in Chicago that he has been in talks to join the show.

Mark Ruffalo; She-Hulk
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Mark Ruffalo, who has appeared in all the Avengers films and Thor Ragnarok, has maintained that his future in the MCU going forward was uncertain. However, this appears to be an about face on that stance. Ruffalo has a history of giving away Marvel secrets. These two facts may be good indicators that we will definitely be seeing Hulk again in She-Hulk. The comic origins for She-Hulk are directly tied to Bruce Banner. This also makes sense why Marvel will want to include him.

Who Will Be Playing She-Hulk?

This casting rumor has been the other one circling this upcoming Disney+ series this week. Who will be portraying She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters? Alison Brie has been the front runner of the rumor mill. If you think you recognize Brie’s name and can’t place where you know her from she has been in the casts of television’s hottest shows for the last decade. Her credits include Mad Men, Community and most recently Netflix’s GLOW.

Alison Brie; She-Hulk

Brie was on The Late Late Show with James Corden recently and was asked about the rumors. She was of course very coy in answering. She did say that she “woke up with a bunch of Instagram posts of side-by-side pictures of me and She-Hulk, which I just thought, ‘Cool.’” Given Brie’s rising star in Hollywood and her recent turn as a female wrestler in GLOW, maybe she is the logical choice for Marvel as She-Hulk.

All these casting rumors should be answered soon as She-Hulk is expected to begin production this August.

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