Star Wars comics have gone in bold directions.

SPOILERS ahead for recent Star Wars comics. Tread lightly if you haven’t read them yet.

Lately, they have revealed that Princess Leia Organa gets frozen in carbonite; that Luke Skywalker encounters a mysterious hooded figure in getting his lightsaber back; and that Darth Vader encounters what appears to be his former wife, Padme Amidala.

These are rather big developments. Comics are canon under Disney’s ownership as much as anything seen in the Star Wars films.

The Question Is: Should Star Wars Fans Be Excited Over These Developments?

Or should they not worry about them, the question being, is Star Wars owner Disney just trying to sell more comics by stirring the pot more than they should?

In Leia’s case: in Star Wars #3, Leia, Luke and Lando Calrissian return to Cloud City following the events of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, according to Screen Rant. On the Bespin municipality, Leia informs Luke and Lando that she has to take her own course, splitting up with the team.

As she attempts to get through a “decarbonization sequence” code to free Han Solo from carbonite, Leia loses consciousness. That happens after Leia is shot by a stormtrooper.

Then Leia Gets Frozen In Carbonite Just As Han Was.

In Luke’s case: he has fought Darth Vader as seen in Empire, where Luke loses his lightsaber after Vader cuts off his hand. Then the content of Star Wars #2 comes into play. It concludes with Lando informing Luke that the lightsaber didn’t just make it through the fight. Also, Lando has knowledge of where it can be found, according to

But before Luke makes a plan to go back to Cloud City and get the lightsaber, something incredible happens.

Luke Has A Vision Of The Figure Holding The Lightsaber.

The figure is in what appears to be in Jedi robes. The apparition appears to have caught Luke’s weapon while it was falling and he exhorts Luke to “follow (his) destiny.”

In Vader’s case: Darth Vader #1 shows Vader after Empire on a personal mission. That’s to find and take down those who hide Luke from him and “(made) him weak.” He returns to Tatooine as a result of searching. That triggers some difficult recollections concerning losing his wife Padme Amidala and his mother Shmi Skywalker.

Vader goes to Coruscant after finding nothing of what he was searching for on Tatooine. There, he seeks what he is looking for inside Padme’s old apartment. Vader is seeking any proof that would show who assisted her in hiding Luke, since Padme was Luke’s mother. A droid finds a transmitter that has a signal leading Vader to the world of Vendaxa.

There, Vader follows the transmitter to a small base being overrun by wild beasts.

After Vader Manages The Creatures, He Turns And Is Surprised At The Existence Of What Appears To Be Padme.

Of course, Disney wants to sell its comics.

But With These Star Wars Story Developments Being So Big Given Their Significance, With Them Being Film-level Canon, Is Disney Unnecessarily Stirring The Pot?

We fans want great Star Wars stories. But Leia being frozen in carbonite is huge given the pop-cultural significance of Han being frozen in carbonite. Luke being given back his lightsaber is major because he had a different lightsaber in the next film installment after Empire. (And that says nothing of the figure.) Finally, Vader seeing Padme is potentially an upheaval to the entire Star Wars saga, if Padme is alive, because she was dead.

Star Wars Can Be Delightfully Shocking. Then There’s Going Over The Top.

Is it whether Disney is going over the top that should determine if fans should be thrilled by these huge story developments or not?