5 Star Wars #68 Vol. 1 (1983)

We are heading back to the 80s for this next cover by artist Gene Day. Now I added this cover because many people think it is Boba Fett. What most people don’t know it is actually a Mandalorian named Fenn Shysa, who Leia thought was Boba Fett until he introduced himself.

Star Wars 68

4 Star Wars #1 Vol 1 and Darth Vader #1 Vol. 1, (2015)

These covers I had to put together because I couldn’t pick one over another. The amazing art by Ramon Perez just makes you want to hang these on the wall. What is also different about these comics is that Darth Vader #1(Red Cover) is the Mexican Edition variant and the Blue cover is the French Edition that has both Star Wars #1 and Vader #1 in the same comic.

Darth Vader 1

3 Star Wars #1 Vol. 2 (2015)

If you are a Marvel fan then this comic cover may look a little familiar. Artist Alex Maleev did a great job adding Boba Fett to this Tales of Suspense #39 cover homage.

Marvel Star Wars

2 Star Wars Vol. 1 #42 (1980)

This ionic cover by Al Williamson gives us our first look at Boba Fett on a comic cover. Also joining Fett on this The Empire Strikes Back adaptation cover are bounty hunters Bossk and Dengar.

Star Wars comic 1980

1 Star Wars #4 & #7 Vol. 2 2015

OK, again I had to put two covers together. These amazing Boba Fett action figure variant comic covers by John Tyler Christopher just take me back to my childhood. What I wouldn’t give to be able to go back in time to get a few of these figures on a card again. So, because of the nostalgic feel and the sweet action figure look is why I made these covers my number 1.

Star Wars 4 and 7

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So, there you go my Top 10 Boba Fett comic covers. With so many of them out there, especially with the new Star Wars: Bounty Hunter series coming out, it was hard to narrow it down to 10. So did you favorite Fett cover make my list? If not what covers would you pick?

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