Elias vs. King Corbin


Corbin demands that he gets a free win after what he did to Elias on Smackdown. They show the clip of Elias falling off the balcony. Corbin continues to demand that he gets the win until Elias’s guitar chord strikes. Elias comes out with his shoulder taped up. Corbin goes down to punish Elias, but he gets ABSOLUTELY BLASTED by the guitar. The match officially starts and Elias has the obvious advantage. Corbin eventually takes over the match by hanging Elias up in the ropes. Corbin begins demanding for a count-out.

He takes control of the match and demands the commentators make him sound good. King Corbin is one of the best heels in the business right now. I’m so glad where he’s come to from where he was in NXT. Elias is getting hammered but he turns it around by sending Corbin into the post. Somehow Elias is working as a babyface because Corbin is so good at being a dick. Corbin hits the Deep Six, which should be his finishing move, but isn’t for a 2 count. King Corbin goes for the roll up and tries to get leverage on the ropes, but the referee notices. She yells at Corbin to give Elias enough time to roll up Corbin for the 3 count.

Wrestlemania 36: Analysis and Grade

This was a fun match but it didn’t feel like a Wrestlemania match. You can’t have an Elias concert without fans, so he has to get on the card somehow. It wasn’t a game-changer for either of these two, it felt like a TV match. Entertaining but not much more.

Grade: 6/10