Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler (RAW Women’s Championship Match)

Becky comes out with the semi-truck totally wouldn’t fit where she parked it. Both women come out in their entrances looking like total badasses. Baszler takes over the match right away. She’s hammering Becky from the onset. Becky flips the script though, and sends Shayna into the steel steps on the outside. For the opening part of the match, they’re on the outside. Becky hits a drop kick from the top rope. It looks like she might have hurt her back on the kick, but the announcers make mention of it, so it could be a storyline thing. Becky is being super aggressive in the start.

Shayna is bringing out the worst in Becky, she hasn’t been this aggressive in a long time. Baszler hits a gnarly looking knee to Becky Lynch’s head. She takes over the match. They trade setting up their submission holds, but it ends with Baszler taking down Becky. Shayna looks way better than people give her credit for. She’s looking like the female Brock Lesnar here, dominating the long-time Women’s Champ. I think those people haven’t seen her work in NXT , because Shayna Baszler is a technician. The strikes in the match are hard and heavy.

They fight out on the ring apron and trade shots. Becky sends Shayna into the apron with a Rock Bottom looking slam. Becky gets a close two count on this one, but the match continues. Baszler locks in the Dis-Arm-Her on Becky for some rub-ins. Becky breaks out, but Shayna hits her with another wicked knee. The two trade off submission attempts in the ropes, Baszler gets the Kirafuna Clutch for a four count from the ref.

Wrestlemania 36: The Finish and Analysis

Baszler starts bashing Becky Lynch into the announce table headfirst. It’s wicked looking and hard to watch. The camera pans to Shayna’s sick smile while Lynch writhes on the ground. Becky Lynch hasn’t been dominated like this before, it’s interesting to watch and how she’ll react. Baszler locks in the Kirafuna Clutch, Becky starts trying to wildly escape. Shayna takes control, but Lynch flips the hold for a 3 count. Baszler looks shocked.

This was a good 9/10ths of a match but the ending came out of nowhere. I can see why they didn’t want either of these women tapping out to one another, but this is the second year in a row that Becky has a flukey finish to her Wrestlemania match. If the feud continues, then this makes sense, but it wasn’t a finish that I’m a fan of. It was a great match hampered by the finish.

Grade: 7.5/10