John Morrison vs. Jimmy Uso vs. Kofi Kingston (Smackdown Tag-Team Championship Ladder Match)

The match starts off fast with ladders brought into the ring at a record speed. Jimmy Uso takes a gnarly fall and it looks like he might have blown out his knee. Morrison and Kofi duke it out. Jimmy comes back in miraculously (you’ll be hearing that a couple more times), but is thrown off the ladder by Kofi. Morrison gets alone on the top of the ladder but is too far away from the titles hanging. Morrison and Jimmy work together to take out Kofi after he tries diving at them through a ladder. John takes out Jimmy with a crazy looking ladder shot. The one thing I can say, is that this match sounds way more brutal with no fans. It’s something that I can say is a positive about this.

Jimmy is selling his knee pretty well. Morrison and Uce battle over a ladder perched between the second and third turnbuckle. JM hits a corkscrew flip onto Jimmy in a really cool spot. Morrison looks great. This is what we wanted to see when he came back. Kofi flies into the frame and hits Morrison with a hurricanrana. Everyone is down. The hits and slams all feel harder. Kofi flies to the outside and nails Morrison. Jimmy Uso takes more punishment from ladders on the outside. They set up a bridge ladder from the apron to the barricade. Jimmy gets perched on that ladder like earlier in the match but he falls off. Kofi hits Morrison with an awesome Spanish Fly from the top. Jimmy Uso then follows up with a splash to Morrison.

Jimmy sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Kofi and Uce start climbing. You can hear the ladder creak and bend with every step and strike. Kofi finds himself on the inside of the ladder. Morrison stops Kofi from grabbing the titles. He falls off but regroups. Kofi nearly puts a hole in Morrison with a stomp from the top of the ladder.

Wrestlemania 36: Finsh and Analysis

They build another ladder contraption with bridges and multiple ladders in the middle of the ring. Jimmy climbs the ladder but Morrison throws him off the top to the outside. It would have been an insane fall from Uso but the camera work on it was atrocious. Thanks Kevin Dunn, you suck. Morrison takes to the top and looks like he’s going to grab the titles. Kofi comes out of nowhere to stop him. They’re fighting at the top of the ladder. Jimmy Uso somehow gets back in the ring with a ladder. They’re all fighting at the top of the ladders. The three men grab the titles, and they get unhooked. Through all the chaos, Morrison has the titles and gets the win.

This was a FANTASTIC match for the card. It made up for the past two stinkers. I wouldn’t have expected any less from these two performers. I’ve never seen that finish from a ladder match, so it was great. The lack of fans wasn’t as much of a detriment for a match like this because it made it seem that much more brutal. At this point in the card, this is the best match.

Grade: 10/10