Goldberg vs. Braun Strowman (Universal Championship Match)


We get a staredown. Braun strikes first. Goldberg then hits a spear and then another. Then a third. Braun thankfully kicks out at two. That would have been disappointing. Goldberg goes back to the corner to set up the fourth spear. Not looking good for Strowman. Braun counters the Jackhammer with a Powerslam. Then a second slam, and a third. Braun went from bitch to bull in three seconds. Braun hits a fourth emphatic slam for the three count.

Wrestlemania 36: Analysis and Grade

This is how Braun gets his title. Not in defeating Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar in a fun match. But in beating down Goldberg in a non-match. A quick nothing of a match. The circumstances necessitated this but it just sucks. Goldberg is nothing more than an attraction at this point. You sacrificed The Fiend for this. It’s great for Braun to be the “top-guy” but a waste of time tonight.

Grade: 3/10