2. Back To The Future

Here’s the last “no-brainer” on the list. If you haven’t seen Back To The Future, don’t like Back To The Future, or are indifferent to Back To The Future, what’s wrong with you? If you were asking me what the list of perfect, untouchable, “if you even think about remaking this, you go to the guillotine” movies, it’s 1. Wizard of Oz, and 2. Back To The Future. Don’t touch it. I don’t care if there’s some super cool deep-fake of Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland as Doc and Marty, go watch Rick and Morty if you want a new take on this classic. From the acting to the directing to the script, this movie is perfect. It’s untouchable.

Seriously, if you can find something wrong with this film, leave a comment below. I’ll wait.

I don’t need to say much about this one, but it’s perfectly able to transport you back to TWO times that had better days than the one we’re in right now. Just don’t go driving at 88 MPH to recreate the scenes in the movie.

1. Road House


Chances are you’ve heard of Roadhouse at this point. It’s a cult phenomenon. I consider it to be Patrick Swayze’s best role. The beauty of the film is that among all the decadence, excess, and overblown attitude of the late 80’s is a classic western story updated for a “modern” era. Dalton, the best “cooler” in the bar/club business comes to a new town that’s filled with stooges and terrorized by a rich businessman that does whatever he wants. Sounds like a western right? Add Sam Elliot as the mentor of that badass “cooler”, Terry Funk as muscle for the bad guy, and a perfect cast including: Kevin Tighe, Keith David, Kelly Lynch, Ben Gazzara, and a rocking soundtrack by the Jeff Healey band.

Patrick Swayze was an amazing, magical actor that breathed life into whatever role he was taking on. Road House is the ultimate in comfort and fun. The film isn’t a masterclass in tension or subtlety, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s available on Amazon Prime Video, so you have no excuse not to fire this one up and enjoy it for it’s campy, awesome goodness.


Hopefully these ten movies let you brighten your day just a bit. It’s an eclectic bunch, but these are the ones that let me forget about the day and just enjoy a good movie. What are some of your favorites for days like that? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook. Make sure to follow That Hashtag Show for more on developing stories or articles just like this one. Stay safe out there, don’t panic, and as Dalton says in Road House:

“Just be nice”

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