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“Far Cry 3: Classic Edition” For Only $3?

Far Cry 3: Classic Edition is currently on sale on the PlayStation Store for only $3. If you want to play one of the greatest open world FPS games ever made, now’s your chance.

Vaas being Vaas in "Far Cry 3: Classic Edition".
Oh, don’t mind me. I’ll just here buried up to my mouth while this guy hogs the spotlight.

What is the Definition of an Insane Price?

For a limited time only, starting today on July 8th, Far Cry 3: Classic Edition is on sale for $3 on the PlayStation Store. To give you an idea of just how insane this price is: the normal price is $29.99. So is this a good deal? Heck yeah. A 90% price cut is always a good deal. At that price, it’s practically free.

Oprah excited for a nearly free "Far Cry 3".
That face you make when you see that 90% price cut.

The only catch is that this $3 price will be available only until July 22. Specifically until 11:59 P.M. That’s 2 weeks from today, so you have plenty of time to decide if you want to add Far Cry 3: Classic Edition to your library. Also, please note that this sale is only on the PlayStation Store, so if you don’t have a PS4, well, tough luck.

Should You Get It?

Trailers don’t always tell the whole story.

So what’s the difference between Far Cry 3: Classic Edition and the normal version? Well, not much really. The Classic Edition is just the regular Far Cry 3 ported to the PS4 and Xbox One. It’s not even a remastered version. In fact, you can only make out slight improvements in graphics when you compare the 2 games side by side. Don’t me me wrong. The improvements in graphics are noticeable, but it’s just that they’re still minor improvements.

Barely noticeable comparison in graphics between "Far Cry 3: Classic Edition" and the original.
Maybe if you squint, it’ll be more noticeable.

The real improvements are in frame rate and overall performance. Far Cry 3: Classic Edition runs much more smoothly than the original. It’s especially noticeable when you compare the 2 side by side. You can clearly make out the parts where the characters move slightly more slowly compared to how they move in the Classic Edition.

Definitely a marked improvement here performance-wise.

So is it worth getting by itself? Only if you’ve never played it, or like me, you’ve never finished it. But hey, at least it’s only $3, so you haven’t lost much if you’re not satisfied with it.


The PS4 version of Far Cry 3: Classic Edition is on sale in the PlayStation Store for $3 until the very end of July 22. You have 2 weeks to decide if you want it, so make them count.

Source: ComicBook

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