In a couple of weeks Netflix will launch their CG series Transformers: War for Cybertron – Seige. After that we know part two will be called Transformers: Earthrise. Now thanks to a tweet from Netflix we know the name of the third part of the trilogy…and it leads to the most unexpected place. Will we hear transformers Maximize?!

Transformers Maximize: Maximals and Predecons to Return

Netflix tweeted out a confirmation that the symbols they leaked were indeed foreshadowing the return of the animalistic transformers. The third part of the trilogy will be called Transformers: Kingdom. Check out the tweet below:

Beast Machines Return!

Beast Wars not only relaunched a fading Transformers brand, but it did so in the most unique of methods. It took what we knew and stood it on its head. Instead of transforming into various jets and trucks, our heroes and villains now transformed into animals to protect them from the environment. This would later lead to the CG series Beast Machines.

Transformers Maximize: Shrouded in Mystery

Prepare to Maximize and Terrorize

While we now know the name of the third part of the trilogy, that is about all we know right now. There is no time frame for the release of Earthrise or Kingdom. Past July 30th we will have to wait for the next announcement on when Netflix plans to release them.

We also know nothing of the nature of the third series. Will this be a case of the Transformers leaving Earth and crashing on a planet where they must assume animal form? Or will we actually see G-1 transformers standing next to their animal counter parts? Optimus Prime meet Optimus Primal. Megatron meeting Megatron might be interesting but i would love to see the interactions between Dinobot and Starscream.

Transformers Maximize: One Possible Leak

There is one possible source that will leak us information before Netflix. For those following the toy line, the Transformers toys have released transformers with the names Seige and Earthrise on their packaging. Given the early release (and pre-order possibilities) we may see find some insight through the release of the Kingdom brand toys. Their names and forms may give us some insight into the story as well as tell us who will be featured in the final part of the trilogy.