Big Mouth is one of the most successful properties of the “New Age” of Netflix. The show had Jenny Slate as the voice actor for the character Missy for the first three seasons. In response to a movement across Hollywood and Entertainment circles to bring more actors/actresses of color to characters of color, Netflix decided to recast the character.

Their choice is Ayo Edebiri. The actress and writer is already busy with work on Tina Fey’s upcoming animated show for Netflix. She also is in the upcoming second season of Dickinson. If you’re worried about her track record with Big Mouth, she’s been in the writer’s room for the series already. So she’s got the pedigree for a show like this one.

Because they already recorded dialogue for season four, Jenny Slate will be voicing Missy up until the second to last episode. The last two episodes and onward will feature Ayo as Missy. The fourth season of Big Mouth premiers in Fall 2020. Netflix believes in Big Mouth enough to renew it for a full two season order. So you’ll be seeing it on your streaming screens until at least season six.

The show created by Nick Kroll, Jennifer Flackett, and Andrew Goldberg is dirty, profane, and heartwarming. Ayo got to announce the news in a very Big Mouth way.

What do you think of this recasting? Where do you think Big Mouth goes from here?

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Source: Netflix