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“We Bare Bears: The Movie”: The Blues Bear Brothers (DVD Review)


A movie about brothers going on a road trip in order to right a wrong? Anyone getting The Blues Brothers flashbacks here?

Bears doing "Blues Brothers" cosplay.
“Why do we need sunglasses at night?”

We Bare Bears: The Movie features some strangely catchy songs. They aren’t nearly as good as the songs from The Blues Brothers, but they’re still catchy songs in their own right. Funnily enough, the bears even make a stealth reference to that iconic movie.

For the music, I’d give We Bare Bears: The Movie a 7 out of 10. It’s not great, but it’s not bad either.


We Bare Bears: The Movie‘s menu is pretty basic. There’s the option to play the movie, see special features, or change the setup. The options are highlighted in red when you select them, so that’s a nice feature.

A word of warning to people wanting to buy the DVD though: it’s missing a very important feature. For some strange reason, there’s no scene selection option on the menu screen. There are clearly scenes when you scroll back and forth during the movie, but there’s just no option in the menu to select a particular scene. Perhaps it’s just my particular version of the DVD that lacks scene selection, but it’s still lacking quite the important feature.

Ice bear not amused.
Ice Bear is confused by the lack of scene selection.

For that, I’m going to give the menu a 4 out of 10. While easy to use, the lack of scene selection is a bit of a fail in my opinion.

Special Features

The DVD’s special features feature deleted scenes which tell an alternate version of We Bare Bears: The Movie, animatics and pencil sketches, early sketches, and early pitches for the movie. There’s also commentary from Daniel Chong for the movie which you can enable or disable at will, so that’s a nice option.

On the whole, I’d rate the special features a 6 out of 10. It’s decently interesting content, but nothing to get too excited about.


You have exactly one option for setup: do you want English subtitles or not? That’s it. There’s nothing else here. We Bare Bears: The Movie is entirely in English, and there’s only English subtitles. While it doesn’t affect me personally, I can imagine anyone who doesn’t speak or read English will be a bit annoyed.

That’s why setup gets a 5 out of 10 for me. While the lack of non-English languages doesn’t bother me personally, it’d definitely be a bother to non-English speakers or readers. Fortunately, We Bare Bears: The Movie‘s style is such that even people who don’t speak English can still understand the movie quite comfortably, even if they miss some of the more subtle things.


We Bare Bears: The Movie costs $19.98 for the DVD version if you buy directly from the Warner Bros. store, or $24.99 if you happen to live where the bears are trying to escape to. It’s a fair price for a 68-minute long movie, if you add in the time from the special features.

However, you can get the same DVD from Amazon for $14.99. I don’t know about you, but a 25% discount sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

It’s why I’d give We Bare Bears: The Movie a 8 out of 10 in terms of pricing. Always look for those bargains.

Final Score

All in all, I’d give the DVD version of We Bare Bears: The Movie a 7.1 out of 10.

It’s a great movie that stays true to the We Bare Bears series and serves as the perfect ending to it. However, it’s hindered by some baffling choices in regards to the DVD’s menu. Warner Bros., if you’re listening, you might want to consider fixing some of these problems before you release the DVD on September 8. It might convince more people to buy it.

By B.K. Lok

I'm a new author exploring the world of writing, and now seeing about getting something published for once. I've also been posting fanfiction on under the pen name BbK2442 for several years now, if any of you are interested.

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