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Dark Knight Death Metal – Multiverse’s End 1

Owlman and Jon Stewart
Owlman and Jon Stewart

The Dark Knight Death Metal series started early this year from DC Comics. I stayed away from its launch because it looked too freaky and weird. After hearing about the story and having a chance to recap the last installment of the saga, Dark Knight Death Metal – Speed Metal starring the Flash family, I really got hooked. I thought I would try this issue and see how hard it would be to follow. Multiverse’s End may not be the greatest of jumping on points, but at the same time it recaps the jist of why the universe lays in chaos.

For Multiverse’s End, a seemingly stand alone issue similar to Speed Force, the story revolves around Owlman from the dark multiverse and his prisoner Jon Stewart. Owlman seems ready to kill the Green Lantern, but he tells Stewart part of him says he should free him. He just needs a reason to help Stewart and his friends, so he knows what he does is for the right reason (aka – serves him).

Multiverse’s End – So Many Faces

Captain Carrot
Meet Captain Carrot

The rest of Multiverse’s End tells why the multiverse fell apart and the purpose behind Perpetua’s destructive ways. Along the way we see some of the heroes involved. Characters such as all the Green Lanterns, versions of Superman and Wonder Woman, Iris as the Flash, and even Captain Carrot (yes a rabbit). We also see a slew of the bad guys and while they stress the darkness, it also turns quite hilarious. Not only are our heroes attacked by the Rainbow Batmen, but there’s baby Batman as well!

I cannot recap the story as it becomes much too complex. Pick up this issue, though, and you should be able to keep up with everything coming. While Multiverse’s End ends on a positive note, one cannot help but wonder how bad things will get coming up. The next issue is titled The Rise of the New God 1. That does not sound very encouraging for our heroes.

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