After some turmoil and a new creative head, last week saw some big news for Power Rangers. Jonathan Entwistle was chosen as the new creative head of a Power Rangers reboot universe. So this upcoming feature film needs a writer. According to Deadline, they’ve chosen Bryan Edward Hill as the writer for the movie. He’s done work in film, television, and comics. His recent work includes Black, Revenge of Magic, and I Am Yours. He’s also a producer on Titans. He’s got quite the pedigree in these matters, so Rangers fans are in good hands.

Do We Know What The Story Is From Bryan Edward Hill?

Before the Entwistle news, there were loose strands about the Rangers possibly doing a 90’s themed reboot. With all the new blood on the franchise, that’s not necessarily a sure thing anymore. The Rangers could definitely use a fresh coat of paint for American audiences. It remains to be seen just how they’re going to reboot the Power Rangers, but the franchise looks to be in good hands with Entwistle and now Hill.

So what do you think about this news? Have you seen any of Hill’s work? Where do you think the Power Rangers should go from here.

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Source: Deadline