We’ve been waiting ages, it seems, for anything on Eternals. Yes, the film is now just called Eternals. Marvel dropped the “The” from the title. So while we’ve been waiting for a trailer, or anything else, we finally have something to show.

This comes from Twitter user Yeekie, who posted the original picture of what looks like promotional art.

While the film was supposed to be released this week, the COVID-19 pandemic had other ideas. So we’re left with waiting even longer for Eternals and other Marvel films like Black Widow. The film is now going to release in November 2021.

This is a small bit of information about the film, but it does give some things away about the potential direction and art style of it. Their costumes are pretty stylized but not too comic-book looking. Which is about par for the course for Marvel these days.

Eternals is directed by Chloe Zhao. It stars Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjianni, Angelina Jolie, Bryan Tyree Henry, and Kit Harington. I’d label the group as the “Cosmic Avengers”. So we’re in store for more of the same galaxy spanning flavor of Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Source: Twitter