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Solo Director Ron Howard Reveals Harrison Ford’s (Un)Surprisingly Positive View of the Movie

Normally, it’d be rude to reveal the contents of one’s private conversations. However, I think we can forgive Ron Howard for revealing what Harrison Ford thought of Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s just too interesting not to.

Harrison Ford: grumpy smuggler in all universes.
The old smuggler won’t talk, so someone else did it for him.

Apparently, one of the Lights, Camera, and Barstool podcasts managed to secure an interview not with Harrison Ford himself, but with Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard. The interviewer asked Howard about Ford’s true views on the movie, as if Ford hadn’t publicly expressed his views already. I guess there are some fans who believe Ford was lying when he gave his support to Solo.

The Old Solo Passes the Mantle to the Young

Young Solo on the left, and the old on the right.
“Great job, kid”: the best compliment you could get from Han Solo.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), Ron Howard reveals that even in private, Harrison Ford spoke positively of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Ford didn’t just give his approval of the movie, however. He also gave his approval to Alden Ehrenreich, who played young Han Solo in the movie. According to Howard:

Harrison Ford liked Solo very much and was supportive when he saw it. He was so gracious and complementary to Alden Ehrenreich. He said some things publicly, but privately, it was really great to see him put his hand on Alden’s shoulder. and say, ‘great job kid’. Alden Worked so hard and it was a very high-risk situation for him and he was a cool customer and was really a pleasure to work with, as was the entire cast, they are just a great bunch.

Seriously, when the original Han Solo gives that kind of a compliment to the new Solo, you know Ehrenreich must’ve done something right. Apparently, Harrison Ford was pretty much like the character he played all the way back in 1977. Tough and grumpy on the outside, and a sweet softie on the inside. So something as simple as a “Great job, kid” is a huge compliment for him. It even goes some way to disproving the critics’ opinion of Solo: A Star Wars Story being a terrible movie. It might even raise support for a sequel one of these days.


Ron Howard reveals that, both publicly and privately, Harrison Ford really loved Solo: A Star Wars Story, and basically gave his approval to Alden Ehrenreich to be his successor. Seriously, if that’s not high praise, I don’t know what is. If you don’t believe Harrison Ford himself though, why not head on over to Disney+ and watch Solo: A Star Wars Story yourself? You might be pleasantly surprised at the result.


By B.K. Lok

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2 replies on “Solo Director Ron Howard Reveals Harrison Ford’s (Un)Surprisingly Positive View of the Movie”

It’s remarkable that Ford should bless anything with the franchise, since he famously and obviously had little respect for Star Wars. I liked his work in IV, V, & VI, but found his too-cool-for-school disdain for his reprise in VII off-putting. So much so, that I was relieved when his character came to an end. Blasphemy, perhaps, but his mood made it so. He had his moments in VII, but mostly I was relived to know the stories could finally move on unburdened by his palpable air of disinterest. He seemed to suffer the Shatner flu, disdaining the venue of his famous prior work, for whatever baffling personal reason.

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