Serena Deeb Is The Underrated Candidate For 2020 Wrestler Of The Year

Serena Deeb has had a hell of a year in 2020. After coming back from semi-retirement in 2015, she re-joined WWE for the Mae Young Classic. Although she wasn’t ever given a spot on the roster, she was influential as a coach down at the Performance Center. Her time in WWE was cut short due to the round of COVID-19 related budget cuts that happened in April of 2020. Normally losing your job would derail someone.

For Serena, it just meant that opportunities out there were open for her. All Elite Wrestling was the promotion that came calling. After her amazing match against Thunder Rosa on the September 2nd episode of AEW Dynamite, she was a commodity in the wrestling business. Following this, AEW quickly signed her to a deal to help fill out a struggling women’s division. Her career renaissance would continue at the United Wrestling Network’s Primetime Live event. At that event Deeb would once again challenge Thunder Rosa for the NWA Women’s Title.

This time, she would defeat Rosa and win the big one. She’s continued her reign with the NWA Women’s Title for over fifty days. Her continued resilience and career renaissance isn’t lost on us. If someone deserves a 2020 Wrestler of the Year award from THS Wrestling, it’s definitely Deeb.

So, what do you think of Serena Deeb’s 2020?

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By Hunter Bolding

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