Endeavor Content and Hyde Park have announced that they are now starting development of a…Rubik’s Cube film. Yeah, we’re just as puzzled as you are.

Screw it! I'm going home.
The standard reaction to a Rubik’s cube.

There is very little information available on this Rubik’s cube film. You know, other than that it’s about that blasted toy that virtually no one can solve. No plot details, no characters, no cast list, not even whether it’s live action or animated. No nothing, really. The only thing we have at the moment is a single line from producer Priya Amritraj, who says:

I am thrilled to partner with Endeavor Content and Rubik’s/Smiley and look forward to creating a wonderful and complex Rubik’s universe.

A Universe of Rubik’s Cubes

A Derpichu made out of Rubik's cubes.
My reaction to this.

So Endeavor Content and Hyde Park not only want to make a Rubik’s cube film, but they also want to do an entire universe out of them? Yeah, that seems like a bit too many cubes to me. I mean, how many films about Rubik’s cubes can you even make? Do you just make the films about progressively bigger and bigger cubes?

The mother of all Rubik's cubes. God have mercy.
Just when you think the regular version was tough enough.

Or do you make the cubes ever more complex as the films journey onwards? Will our heroes have to solve the mother of all Rubik’s cubes, so complex that they fold through time and space? So complex that they aren’t even cubes anymore, even in the most charitable sense of the word?

Weirder and weirder Rubik's cubes.
Even the cubes are getting obese now.

I think we’ve had enough of those cubes, thank you very much.


Someone thinks making a whole film about Rubik’s cubes is a fantastic idea. Even more puzzling, they think making an entire cinematic universe out of this mind-numbingly difficult puzzle is an equally as fantastic idea. Who know what kind of cuboid rabbit hole this will lead towards? Let’s hope we’re all still sane afterwards.

Source: JoBlo.com