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Director Jon Chu Departs Willow Sequel At LucasFilm

It’s always sad when someone is forced to leave a production. In the case of Jon Chu, who was set to direct the upcoming Willow series, it’s even worse. It’s not for scheduling reasons, it’s not for conduct reasons, it’s because he has a family he has to worry about, and a new baby on the way. The official LucasFilm Facebook had the announcement with an excerpt from Jon Chu.

I’m heartbroken to let you all know that I unfortunately have to step away from directing Willow. With the production schedule moving due to continued lockdowns in the UK, and with a new baby coming this summer (surprise!), the timing is just not going to work for me and my family. As you may know, Willow has been one of my favorite movies since I was a child, so I’m devastated that I won’t be able to work with some of my heroes old and new like Kathy, Ron, Jon, Wendy, Michelle, and the amazing cast and crew they’ve put together. Like a kid seeing Willow for the first time in the ‘80s, I will look forward to watching this magical new world unfold as a very enthusiastic fan. And boy do they have an adventure in store for you! I can’t wait for you all to experience it soon.

Much love, and take care of each other during these fast changing times,

Jon M. Chu

LucasFilm Facebook Message From Jon Chu

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all. It’s honorable of Jon to take a stand for his family and reassess what the biggest priorities in life are. We’ll keep you updated on this news.

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