Today is a glorious day for metal fans. Not only does Therion’s seventeenth album, Leviathan, release, but they came out with a new video for the song “Tuonela”. You can watch the video above, and in classic fashion, it’s all substance and awesome metal. Demons, swordplay, fire, drama, it’s all epic all the time. In addition to the members of Therion, Nightwish’s Marko Hietala lends his vocals to the song. Therion’s Christofer Johnsson had this to say about it.

Like everyone else, I’m very sad and was also surprised to read that Marko is leaving Nightwish. But I understand his reasons and the frustrations that many people share about the same tissues. But Marko has been active as a professional recording artist with various quality bands since the mid-80s, so I am absolutely sure in time we will see his return to the scene. He is simply too good to not be involved with music. But right now I hope he will take a good amount of time to just find himself and get the full energy and inspiration back on track.

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Therion’s musical journey is a fascinating one that goes from Death metal all the way around to Power/Symphonic metal. It’s all good in my book, and Leviathan is another great installment from the band.

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